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Company Culture

A Network of Strategic Relationships

December 6, 2019

Off-site construction is the fastest trend in the commercial building industry. Thanks to our strategic relationships with two leading companies, Network Framing Solutions and Network Interiors, we are proud to…

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Featured Projects

Vermont Building at the Big E

September 7, 2019

The iconic Vermont State Building at the Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds was transformed with a new stage and outside bar/service area, upgrades to underground plumbing, and a “trail network” designed…

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Construction 101

Discussing construction blueprints on new project at desk in office.

Understanding the difference between a General Contractor and Construction Manager

October 18, 2019

Commercial construction projects are enormous undertakings for property owners. While the general process to bring a project from initial concept to approved design to construction to occupancy is the same,…

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Why Hire an Owner’s Rep?

September 15, 2019
Construction worker

Commercial construction projects are expensive propositions for owners and developers. Failing to meet financial expectations, running behind schedule, or going over budget from mistakes can increase a building project’s costs…

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Build Better and Faster with Design-Build

August 23, 2019

Owners who want to minimize risk and speed up the construction process should consider the design-build construction model. General Contractors like NDC offer this approach when it makes sense for…

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