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Education Facilities General Conditions

  • Dust control and mitigation
  • Air quality control
  • Reduced disruption with loading materials and equipment
  • Manage mechanical, plumbing, and electrical tie-ins and shutdowns.
  • Incorporate campus safety procedures
  • Temporary barricades and security measures

Education Facilities

Construction in occupied education environments has unique challenges. Security and comfort are paramount for everyone on campus and especially those occupying the affected building. We pride ourselves on maintaining clean, safe job sites to minimize disruption for students, teachers, and staff.

We encourage upfront planning during the pre-construction phase in order to minimize delays and issues later in the project. Our strategic relationships with fabricators and subcontractors allow us to apply modern construction methods including off-site prefabrication to expedite schedules and minimize job site impacts.

We incorporate technology and advanced building methods in order to minimize disruption and encourage normal day-to-day operations during the construction phase.

Safety is always job #1. Our Superintendents are OSHA certified. Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is completed so every team is conscious of the hazards they can encounter.

All NDC employees are e-verified background checked before being hired to work in secure environments. Additionally, we can provide facility-specific background checks for all subcontractor employees.

Completed NDC Education Projects

Springfield College

Trinity College Cornelia Center

Trinity College

Wesleyan University

Yale University
Wolcott Public Schools
Manchester Public Schools

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