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A Network of Strategic Relationships

Off-site construction is the fastest trend in the commercial building industry. Thanks to our strategic relationships with two leading companies, Network Framing Solutions and Network Interiors, we are proud to be able to extend the benefits of prefabrication for owners to build better and faster.

NDC was established in 2016 as an outgrowth of Network Interiors, a commercial carpentry company specializing in steel construction. In 2018, Network Framing Solutions was established as a fabricator producing cold form steel components and assemblies. These relationships give NDC greater depth, expertise, and efficiency to streamline project schedules.

As a General Contractor, NDC is able to bring the strength of our strategic relationships to each project. We are able to lead collaborative teams early in the planning stage to interactively establish schedules and synchronize timelines so that off-site fabrication and on-site construction occur in parallel.

Owners can trust the collaborative team of NDC, Network Framing Solutions, and Network Interiors. All three businesses share a rich history, decades of experience, and a passion for building lasting success.

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